About the Partners & Master Kraft, Inc

The history of Master Kraft goes back to the year 2001, when Michael Kovalev opened up a small 600 square foot millwork shop in California.  Michael worked hard to build the business for the next couple of years and by 2003 he had grown into the place where he needed to move into a 13,000 square foot shop to accommodate his work load.

In the following few years, the California construction market really began to go into a down ward spiral and by 2005 it had really hit bottom.  So with work just not there, Michael and his family moved to Charlotte, NC to be close to some other family members.  With that move, a new east coast Master Kraft was created and incorporated in 2006.

With the growing commercial construction market in North Carolina, Master Kraft, Inc. began to grow again and gain much needed experience in this vibrant market segment.  Master Kraft’s ability to produce quality craftsmanship became known around the city of Charlotte and surrounding areas.  With this word of mouth advertising, the company grew and continued it’s pursuit of the corporate commercial millwork market.

In June of 2010, with the company’s growth into the commercial millwork market place, Michael decided it was time to take on a business partner that had the experience they needed to expand the commercial business.  A long time local builder of commercial office buildings joined the company as the new business developer.  Mr. Rick Ruby has helped build the construction volume of the company over the last 3 years with his 25 years of commercial construction experience, and is now executive vice president and partner in the business.

Michael Kovalev and Rick Ruby have established a work ethic to always go the extra mile for all of their customers and look forward to the continued growth of Master Kraft, Inc. through building great business relationships and establishing new working friendships.


Master Kraft, Inc. Mission Statement

Becoming a Master Craftsman within a market place that seems relentless in it’s pursuit of accelerated results, can often be a difficult task, requiring much planning, focus and passion. To be rewarded with the title of Master in any artistic trade endeavor, one must start with the very essential basics and learn every aspect of each detail required for the process, without succumbing to any shortcuts along the way.

To strive for this kind of determined and regimented approach to craftsmanship, and to find the gratifying results embodied in just such commitment, is comparable to finding a nugget of gold in a fast moving stream.  In other words, the search may be somewhat exhausting and arduous along the way, but if the goal is kept in focus, the reward can be priceless.
At Master Kraft Inc., we not only understand the importance of being the master over our product quality and how to achieve it but also the importance of mastering our commitments to the project schedule.

Our goal for every project is -to seek an understanding of the owner and or contractors expectations for every component and milestone of the project, and to deliver results that exemplify our abilities as master craftsmen.

As a final result of our determined and passionate approach to your projects’ quality, our hope is that we will have left behind a legacy of honesty, trust, and a confidence in our capabilities to exceed your expectations.

Our ultimate goal for achievement, resulting from these core principals, would be to win the priceless reward of another trusted business relationship, along with a continued friendship.